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Multipart Property, is an active property development and investment firm focused on the premium residential sector, of metropolitan New South Wales and Queensland. 


Multipart Property has assembled an extensive portfolio of inspiring landmark developments, which include some of the most ambitious
and innovative acquisitions along the east coast of Australia.

For many years the Multipart Property Group has worked to deliver visions that capture the market, through one touch point and the seamless integration of analysis, acquisition, planning, development and sales. 


Central to every project is a complete commitment to delivering market leading developments, through a collaborative process that allows for funders and developers to share in Multipart Property’s professionally renowned processes, that are driven by a clear focus of gaining wealth for clients. 

Multipart Property’s professionally renowned processes, that are driven by a clear focus of gaining wealth for clients. 




our people

Lead and founded by directors, Matt Zappia and Sebastian Kesby, both of whom have been active in the property industry for over a decade. With expertise that stems from their impressive contributions to the project marketing sector, they have individually worked on over 40 developments across the Eastern Seaboard. It is from this experience, that they founded Multipart Property, cultivating a highly respected industry reputation as the ‘Innovators in Development’.


Co-founder and Director of Multipart Property

Matthew Zappia entered the property industry in early 2009 as a buyers agent. Soon expanding into property development, where he found his first development agency Zapp Property. Through his travels and highly established industry network, Zappia joined forces with Sebastian Kesby, founding Multipart Property in 2014.

It is through his extensive industry experience and network standing, that Multipart Property has been involved in many high profile acquisitions. Rapidly positioning itself as a major Sydney based residential firm.

Co-founder and Director of Multipart Property

Sebastian Kesby, graduated university with a Bachelor in Property Economics, establishing his industry standing as a development and sales manager. Later joining forces with Matthew Zappia in 2014, Kesby applied an expertise in deal structure, capital raising and a keen eye for potential development opportunities, allowing Multipart Property rapid growth in becoming a leading development firm in the Sydney basin. 


our vision & values

It is with pride that we deliver market-leading results, through our values of: 



Multipart Property has assembled an extensive portfolio of inspiring landmark developments and premium investment assets, projected to experience on-going growth and recognition in the years to come.

Our vision is to continue on this growth trajectory, through an unparalleled dedication to all phases of our development and investment sectors.


Our Research Process

Our Multipart strategy model is the underlying driver, that has allowed us to target numerous acquisitions, which include some of the most ambitious and innovative developments in the Sydney Basin. Overcoming site traits which are conventionally flagged as issues, such as:

  • Encumbrance
  • Heritage
  • Rail Corp
  • RMS
  • Contamination

The success of the Multipart strategy model is led by our breadth of expertise and the strength of our professional network and skill set. Identifying the greatest opportunities through a unique and leading-edge stance on potential development sites, activating otherwise overseen investment assets. 

Our development projects are initiated by a highly focused research process, where we identify potential site locations through the following key research spaces:

  • Current Zoning and potential
  • Current FSR and potential
  • Current Height
  • Heritage Aspect and Restrictions
  • Potential Amalgamation
  • Supply and Demand of the area
  • Positive Government Spending and Infrastructure upgrades

This allows us to work in an off market capacity, where Multipart Property is able to provide complete stability through site exclusivity. Our broad expertise and strong professional networking skills, allow us to build upon unique opportunities, securing premium profile sites under market value.

our research model


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address: Suite 107, 1 Cassins Avenue, North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia. Email: admin@multipartproperty.com.au